# hg merz | kunstkammer at the museum of art history

Kunstkammer at the Museum of Art History

Vienna (Austria)/2010 –  2013

The building as well as the collection, the latter of which remained undisclosed for a long time, is unique in the world. Originating from the Renaissance, this encyclopaedic universal collection tried to gather the entire knowledge of its time. The new exhibition concept bases on forming inspiring and stylistically sound constellations of exhibits. The didactic structure is reflective of the diversity of the »Kunstkammer« (cabinet of curiosities). The juxtaposition of objects, texts, media, and the historic architecture generates an atmosphere that tells of the magic of the collection. The original architecture was preserved where possible, its character intensified. A lot of the objects are performances themselves that do not call for any means of staging. The exhibition unpretentiously focuses on the appearance of each exhibit. The exhibition furniture is designed in a way that is reserved, yet distinct enough to stand their ground against the historic architecture.