# hg merz | hessian state museum

Hessian State Museum

Cassel/2013 – 2017

The new concept for the Hessian State Museum connects both architecture and exhibition, the technical needs of a state-of-the-art museum and the demands of diverse visitor groups. The museum is inclusive. The architecture and the contents of the museum both are easily accessible for everybody. The landmarked architecture opens up on ground floor and overcomes the building's seclusion from before its refurbishment. The museum welcomes the visitors with a double height entrance. From here, the whole infrastructure of the museum is accessible. Here, like an index, visitors interactively get infos about the different collections of the museum – sculptures, prehistoric artifacts, cultural history, church art, fabrics etc. The exhibition rooms are characterized by a contemplative atmosphere that focuses on the exhibits, which are presented with the latest exhibition technology.